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The Advanced LIGO Timing System Timing Comparator/Radio Frequency Counter Module

LIGO Document
Raffai, P., Belopolski, I., Countryman, S., et al. (+2 authors)
LIGO Document T1200331
Publication year: 2012

User’s manual for the Infrasonic Microphone System developed by the Eötvös Gravity Research Group

LIGO Document
Gelencsér, G., Szeifert, G., Raffai, P., et al. (+3 authors)
LIGO Document E1000282
Publication year: 2010

This manual describes the usage of the Infrasonic Microphone System (IsMS), that was developed by the Eötvös Gravity Research Group (EGRG) at Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest, Hungary.

LUMIN Expert Shifter Manual

LIGO Document
Raffai, P.
LIGO Document M1000224
Publication year: 2010

The LUMIN Expert shifts started on 11th August 2010. This document provides an overview on the Expert tasks during the shift, useful links, contact info, and hints.

An X-ray source catalog for joint gravitational wave and X-ray observations

LIGO Document
Raffai, P., Handbauer, P.
LIGO Document T1000305
Publication year: 2010

We present a catalog of X-ray radiation sources that are also possible candidates for producing gravitational waves. The purpose of this work is to support X-ray background studies for joint observations using current and future X-ray telescopes (in particular the Swift telescope) and gravitational wave detectors, such as LIGO and Virgo.